Urban beauty

Thoroughly drab, boring uninspiring buildings in cities. You see them every day and think nothing more of them. But if you use your eye well, it’s possible to make something beautiful out of the mundane.

The photograph above is a place I see most days as I go about my business – Wood Lane Tube station in White City, west London. It’s one of the more modern stations, all cold steel – purely functional. But early one morning I noticed the glass roof space at the front throwing out some interesting light, and a whole host of clean, angular lines. I chose a certain angle and made it black and white. Hopefully it’s created a piece of interesting work.

The same with the shot below. Nothing more than a fence next to a canal in Canary Wharf, east London. I picked my perspective and got creative with the final edit. It was also taken at night on a long exposure, adding depth to the monchrome hues. It’s hard to beat good lines and an eye-catching architectural pattern, but maybe that’s just a fetish of mine.

Do you also take pleasure in creating something artful from the dreariness that can blight our cities? Let me know.

Please leave your comment below. I look forward to hearing from you

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