Something of the night

First, I found out what my camera was capable of. Then I was given a tripod for Christmas. The time had come to try some long exposure photography for the first time.

This was at night, with the shutter opened for longer periods, allowing the light to flow in. The flash was now a force for evil.

It was a freezing December night, so we decided to stay local and visit nearby Hammersmith Bridge, one of the most elegant along the Thames. The tripod was set up, shot composed, exposure time dialled up – and the results nervously awaited…

That seemed to go well, and we moved to another spot to capture the bridge.

The power of night photography was already becoming irresistible. But on this chilly December night, the session had to be cut short but would become the first of many. Long exposure work has become a huge interest and can produce some superb, shimmering results. Any night shot enthusiasts – please get in touch.

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