Byron’s brilliance

Another visit to Australia and the beautiful coastal resort of Byron Bay. The town is a relaxed place with a New Age vibe, while its real attraction lies closer to the sea.

The lighthouse, perched high above the bay, was calling. On the trek upwards we passed Cape Byron – the most easterly point of Australia’s mainland. The crashing of the Pacific waves was spoiled by a devotional group singing a song and strumming their guitar.

On a perfect summer’s day under a deep blue sky, the brilliant white of the lighthouse pulsated. Superb colours and conditions for taking photos of the building and views of the bay below.

Click the first image to launch the gallery.

The astonishing colours continued on the beach, which was peppered by surfers and day trippers enjoying the summer sun. But back in the murk of London, I decided to give this shoreline shot a different treatment, effectively stripping it of its colour. I think it gives the scene a hazy, relaxed feel and a sense of timelessness that you feel while dipping your toes in the water. What do you think?

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