Capturing The Shard

London’s newest skyscraper has been taking shape on the horizon for some time now, and is edging towards completion. The Shard made the news recently after trespassers managed to climb their way to the summit.

The towering landmark is difficult to resist as an object to photograph – and it can be captured from numerous vantage points around the city.

The photo on the left was taken from Hampstead Heath, high above London’s city skyline and some miles away.

The Shard dominates St Paul’s Cathedral and the buildings around it, although it seems quite distant and almost frail in its sepia tones.

Taken from close quarters on the right, it is highly illuminated, brash – maybe a little overexposed – and consumes the sky.

A much older landmark – Southwark Cathedral – is dwarfed by the might of the high rise and almost struggles to be visible.

If you run a Google Image search for The Shard, it offers more than seven million results. Even before it is open, London’s newest skyscraper is a real draw for photographers.

I wonder how many ways there are to capture this structure?…

2 thoughts on “Capturing The Shard

  1. Great images Mike! It’s certainly a photogenic thing! Not sure myself if something so dominating is needed in London, it does seem a little bit out of scale with, well, everything else!


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