Department store

It’s Saturday afternoon in London and a shopping trip beckons. We headed to Peter Jones, an expansive store next to Sloane Square in fashionable Chelsea. Not only do they have more or less everything there, but it’s a handsome building, full of lines and curves. I’m glad I had my camera to hand.

What better place to start than the central escalators, which take shoppers up, down and everywhere. I wanted a sweater shaver (basement, don’t ask) and Dermot wanted some new trousers (first floor).

And from the ground floor you have some tantalising upward views, while the fifth floor cafe offered some intriguing perspectives to the sun-kissed, rain-soaked skylights. Click on the first image to launch the full-size gallery

So a potentially mundane trip to the shops unexpectedly yielded some pleasing photographs. Have you ever done something dull and everyday, had a flash of inspiration and come home with a slew of interesting shots?…

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