Jubilee Thames

 The Diamond Jubilee celebration weekend is upon us, with London the centre of festivities. The city is bedecked with Union Jacks, and they’re hard to ignore.

One of the major events is a river pageant along the Thames, in which 1,000 vessels will float along the waterway.

This shot was taken on Hammersmith Bridge which straddles the Thames, where boats lined up in preparation for the flotilla. The graceful structure of the bridge has been decorated with a handful of vast canvas red, white and blue flags.

It took a little careful manoeuvring over the edge to capture both flag and the Thames flowing underneath.

The crowning glory was plenty of sunlight and the ripples from a craft that had just passed by.

It was worth the slight risk of losing my grip and dropping my camera straight into the water, never to be seen again.

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