Millennium Bridge

London’s Millennium Bridge shimmers at night with the glory of St Paul’s Cathedral above it. While I was pleased with the outcome of this shot, it’s a view which has been photographed again and again.

That evening a group of photographers had gathered on the bridge and were clicking wildly, while a man practically pushed me out of the way to get his shot.

So here ends a trio of bridge posts for the Jubilee weekend, starting with Hammersmith Bridge bedecked in a big Union Jack, to the unloved curves of industrial, neglected Barnes Bridge. It’s a personal fascination that I’ll come back to again.

But does a shot that has been captured so many times take the shine off your own effort?…

6 thoughts on “Millennium Bridge

  1. It’s still a very nice shot – you did a great job. Maybe next time you can try something different to make it all your own. When I was a crime reporter, I had television news crews shove me out of the way so they could get their shot. They’d also stage the scene or their footage, which goes against every journalism grain I have…


    • Oh not the dreaded fakery :-( Yes, you’re right, the trick is to find a slightly different angle. Being slightly under the bridge bucked the trend of most photographers who were on the bridge itself, which shudders and is little use for long exposures!


  2. It’s a beautiful shot, but I really loved the story behind it! I’ve been pushed out of the way while taking a photo too :) and I share your love of bridges.


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