London pride

A view of London across the Thames on a cloudy but fair June day. The magnificent profile of Tower Bridge is instantly recognisable. The shape visible beneath its upper strut is a set of Olympic rings which are set to unfurl and be illuminated at night for the duration of the 2012 games.

On the left a new icon soars almost beyond the clouds – superskyscraper the Shard, edging towards completion and visible from many reaches of London. At its foot, the bulging building is City Hall, the seat of the London Assembly and mayor Boris Johnson. It seems to be dwarfed by other buildings, but its upper balconies offer quite a commanding view down the river.

The masts of the sailing boats seem to be standing to attention along with the Shard and Tower Bridge in this shot.

In my opinion, it’s a fine sight and makes me proud to live in this city, and it’s more than a pleasure to photograph it.

14 thoughts on “London pride

  1. Mike, it looks that your heart is full of love of your city. Your sharp eyes all the time catch the very moment and place to underline the most important things about London. I like short and bright description of your pictures.


      • Everything is fine so far. Summer is a little life, kind of something special. We suffered of the heat – +35-37 C. It is a little bit too much. Anyway it is great time. Looking forward to read your new posts.
        Have a good one.


        • Thanks Alexander, you’ve been lucky! Our summer has generally been terrible, far too much rain. Send some of your good weather this way! Thanks for keeping in touch, it’s much appreciated.


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