This is a simple stone covered walkway in Wapping, close to the river Thames in London. It’s deserted, catches the sunlight and throws some intriguing shadows. The light at the end of the tunnel is both blinding and inviting.

As it happens, Wapping is quite a busy place where a lot of financiers and businessmen from the city live. Joggers often pound their way around the streets, while tourists who have perhaps strayed a little too far from the Tower of London find themselves here.

I wanted to capture the light and shadow of this place, and found that a monochrome finish worked to enhance these features. It was an honour to have this shot “Explored” on Flickr. You can see more from my Flickr stream here. I’d be pleased to add you as a contact on the site.

17 thoughts on “Portico

  1. Hi Mike lovely shadows and textures. Thanks

    I wondered what it would be like with the LHS out of focus area darkened a bit but not black to make it slightly less dominant?


  2. That’s a lovely shot , well composed and exposed. I agree with another comment about the absence of a person. Personally I would have tried to include a moving silhouette with a slow shutter speed.


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