Top of the city

London’s very tall buildings are often signs of financial muscle, so you have to visit the capital’s business centre to crane your neck, bump into lamp posts and fall off the pavement.

Londoners have picked up this odd habit of giving their skyscrapers pet names, with the Gherkin being a prime example because it looks like a bulbous pickle thrusting into the sky. It’s officially known by its address of 30 St Mary Axe – not exactly memorable. This shot was taken whilst lying on my back, though I flipped the photo on its side to create this angle.

Meanwhile, across the river sits the razor-sharp contours of The Shard, the tallest structure in Europe and a regular source of fascination. The building is due to be unveiled this week, and you can only wonder what views it will offer, and a new London vantage point for photographers.

This trip to the heart of London’s skyscraper district yielded other shots. I will return with a gallery of the city’s highest heights for you to look at.

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