The Shard in perspective

It was a beautiful summer’s evening, and with a day off to look forward to, it was time to indulge in some photography in central London.

One of my first ports of call was skyscraper The Shard, officially Europe’s tallest building. While not the first time it’s caught my eye, I stood right at its feet and took in the impressive views. Close up, this is some structure.

While on the pavement poised to take a picture, a helicopter buzzed overhead and around the The Shard. The camera was stuck in film grain mode so just had to take my moment, while I think the outcome is more dramatic. The helicopter looks like an insect next to this glass edifice. Quite astounding.

My fascination with this stark, tall building continues. I will publish a gallery of images from the shadow of The Shard in the coming days.

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11 thoughts on “The Shard in perspective

  1. The helicopter is key here to giving a sense of scale – sometimes it all works out! Personally I’m not keen on the graininess as I find it detracts from the clean lines of the structure. Having messed up a few shots I tend to leave my camera in RAW mode now – saves lots of ‘if onlys’!


    • Yes, I only experiment with that rarely and was caught out on this occasion! I usually shoot everything in colour and then try other hues when editing – you can easily return to the original! Thanks for stopping by and writing a comment, Noeline – much appreciated.


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