In the Olympic Stadium’s shadow

The opening ceremony has taken place and the Olympic competition is under way at London 2012.

A few days earlier, I made an attempt to get close to the Olympic Park in east London, but with no ticket nor accreditation, it was a failed mission. So I went to an area just to the west of Stratford called Hackney Wick, which sits near the stadium. The massive centrepiece of the games was just on the other side of the canal, but the path was heavily guarded.

This corner of east London is very urban, filled with light industry and warehouses. There are some canalside residences and a surprising number of cafes and restaurants, not to mention a lot of colourful wall murals brightening up the inner city brickwork. It’s not swish, it isn’t sleek, but I sensed that life was carrying on regardless of the massive global event brewing in the neighbourhood.

People were still going about their business in small factories and yards, and there was even a model being photographed, glamorous against the painted bricks.

I’m sure the residents could hear every beat of Friday night’s impressive opening ceremony, but maybe it’s simply business as usual next to the Olympic Stadium.

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4 thoughts on “In the Olympic Stadium’s shadow

    • Thank you very much, Gordon. Yes, I’ve since discovered there’s a seam of anti-Olympics feeling at Hackney Wick. Am following your blog now so look forward to seeing your posts.


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