Soaking up the shade

A pleasant summer’s day at Richmond Green, sitting on the bench of special significance. For a short while, Dermot looks across the sun-kissed grass, while enjoying the shade of a very mature tree.

I was torn between the bright, fresh feel of the colour shot and the timelessness of the sepia. The mood of the photograph also goes two ways – this could be an enjoyable moment’s peace and time to relax, or does it signify a juncture of deep thought, reflection and even solitude and solemnity? Which do you prefer?…

9 thoughts on “Soaking up the shade

  1. The sepia looks good. I often opt for monochrome because it helps to emphasise texture, shape, light, and contrast, and adds drama and mood. Plus colour, particularly vibrant or gaudy colours, tends to draw our eye away from the main focus of photograph (though sometimes it can actually add focus to image).


  2. It is only my personal opinion. For the street photography and general scenes of life I prefer B&W. It is more dramatic. That kind of pictures catch the attention on the mood, action, environment. Colour draws away attention from all of that.


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