After the Olympics

The Olympic Games in London are drawing to a close. It’s been a remarkable couple of weeks. Predictions that the city would grind to a halt have not come true, and Great Britain exceeded expectations with some amazing sporting achievements. It was hard to resist its lure and sense there was something special in the air.

Before the games I insisted I wouldn’t get involved, and didn’t even apply for tickets. I didn’t get physically close to the action but wanted my own memories. This included visiting Tower Bridge which became an Olympic beacon, while the buildings beside the River Thames sparkled and shimmered even more than usual. The immense number of tourists taking in the sights was astounding.

And there was Hackney Wick, an area close to the Olympic Stadium which seemed fiercely autonomous in the shadow of the games. Weeks earlier, the massive Olympic rings at St Pancras station were a photographic draw.

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So what are we going to do with ourselves after the games? Will there be a tide of post-Olympics blues? On 29 August, the Paralympics begin in London. Another chance to absorb the sporting spirit and enjoy the city’s weeks in the spotlight.

10 thoughts on “After the Olympics

  1. I agree with your view and also found I enjoyed the whole spectacle in the end. I went to Hyde Park events and so saw some action too! i have some quirky photos of scattered places too but haven’t seen the bridges lit up yet. I will go soon though!


    • Ah, the ‘pink’ photo was taken ahead of the Olympics starting. I saw them being lifted yesterday and I couldn’t really tell why. During the games they were down and illuminated for a certain time in the evening. I guess they’ll stay in place for the Paralympics in a couple of weeks?


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