Beauty at the Barrier

One is a hulking mass of steel. The other is a gentle spray of fluffy, lavender blue blossoms. They are in the same tiny corner of London.

The man-made structure defends the capital from floods, while the flowers perhaps have less practical uses. But they are both beautiful and photogenic, in very different ways.

The Thames Barrier sits sturdily in a corner of south-east London, a might of engineering which some might consider an unnatural blot on the riverscape.

But next to the Barrier, a wonderfully sculpted garden sits, and is full of blooms and nature’s colourful bounty.

More photographs will be published here soon. In the meantime, which of these beauties do you prefer?

7 thoughts on “Beauty at the Barrier

  1. I like both equally. Both are designed to perfection (I hope!) to fulfill a specific purpose and do so with beauty and grace. Funny thing though – the flowers will probably still be there long after the barrier has rotted away!


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