The balcony

235 Frangipani, Le Touessrok, Mauritius. Our address for a number of days recently. Not just a hotel room but a self-contained suite, comfortable and relaxing with the crashing of the waves to lull you to sleep.

One of the best features of our place in the sun was stepping out of the French doors onto the balcony. The Indian Ocean lapped just beneath it, and a blue expanse of sea stretched to the horizon. The private, paradise island of Ilot Mangenie could be seen across the water, and the white surf against the coral reef further beyond.

This was the end of winter in Mauritius, and refreshing winds occasionally made the balcony a bracing place to be. There was also some rain to complement the azure skies and sunshine that was also on offer.

As the autumn chill begins to bite in London and the time to buy winter coats beckons, these photographs are a warm memory of our home in the tropics.

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