The 10,000 moment

Mikeosbornphoto has just clocked up its 10,000th view, which seems a good moment to stand back and reflect on six months of sharing photography and thoughts.

Making contact with many great fellow photographers and bloggers has been a rewarding experience, including ckponderings, Diana J Hale, Stevie Gill, Noeline Smith and Danita Cahill – regular and much appreciated visitors and comment makers.

When I created this site, we had just enjoyed an unusual spurt of warm, sunny weather in parts of the UK, and the first photograph I posted – called Basking Brighton – seemed to hold hope for a barbecue summer.

Well, the season was blighted by wet weather but was saved by a feast of sport and Olympic fever. And that all seems a distant memory now, and today there is a chill in the air and a sodden depression swirling over us.

But thinking ahead to the next – hopefully – 10,000 visits, the future looks good. Photography is even more rewarding and enjoyable than ever, and sharing it through this site is a pleasure. Does anyone have any tips or advice for the coming six months?…

24 thoughts on “The 10,000 moment

  1. Hi Mike… How about setting yourself a long term project and give yourself a deadline of 6 months…? The end result could be an exhibition or self-published book. It’s a great way of exploring ideas xx


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