Art Deco decadence

120 Fleet Street, London is an address that conceals a piece of glittering architectural detail. It’s a glass office block that used to house Express Newspapers when this city thoroughfare was the heart of Britain’s press.

They moved out in the 1980s, but the stunning 1930s foyer remains in all its glory. Gold and silver friezes adorn the walls, the ceiling is gloriously decorated – even the floor is made to catch a dozen reflections.

And if you walk up the marble plinth past the Art Deco lift, there is a bonus in the shape of a tightly spiralled staircase from which light floods in. This is all in the style of a bygone age, but to see this decades later was a pleasure – and very beautiful to photograph.

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The Express Newspapers building is usually closed to public visitors, but they were recently welcomed – and encouraged to take photographs – as part of the annual Open House London weekend. What a memorable visit.


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