A London sanctuary

Hackney in London is busy, brash, full-on and thoroughly inner city urban. You pass through here to reach a peaceful, inspiring patch of green in nearby Stoke Newington.

Abney Park Cemetery is a beautiful patchwork of resting places for Londoners passed, and has become a woodland sanctuary, criss-crossed with paths. Modern city dwellers use it as a place to walk their dogs, go for a jog and enjoy the peace and quiet.

In the middle of the cemetery is a chapel with a lofty spire, long since disused and a shell which diffuses the light and is fascinating for the photographer, along with the woodland setting and the numerous tombstones that fill the grounds.

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Last month, Abney was the venue for the world premiere of the London Requiem, a new piece of classical music by composer Benjamin Till, based on memorials to Londoners. A recording of the performance and how the work was created can be found on Arts website The Space.


12 thoughts on “A London sanctuary

  1. wow…I am so walking thru that place…seeing it and hearing it and even feeling the temperature of it in your pictures. You’ve done this set p e r f e c t l y


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