Olympia rainbow

Just a short walk from my house and I’m in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, which boasts some of the most exclusive addresses in London. It also contains Olympia, a grand old exhibition centre which first opened in 1886, and is covered in an impressive canopy of glass and iron of which the Victorians were so fond.

This was a beautifully clear and sunny day, and the light penetrated two sides of glass to produce a series of wonderful coloured light refractions and flares.

Olympia flare

This is also the first official shot from my new Fuji XE-1 camera, which made well-known buildings seem less familiar as I got to grips with my new system. I also tried some more close-up work, with this photograph of a sign from a nearby Boris Bike stand, London’s bicycle hire system.

Boris Bike sign

Any thoughts on these initial shots would be most welcome – I’m pleased so far and look forward to more work with my new camera.

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