Mum, Christmas

Portraits rarely feature in my photography – I positively shy away from taking people’s photographs. But this Christmas was very much a tale of three people – myself, my mother and Dermot.

In the richly decorated surroundings of Old Hunstanton’s The Lodge in Norfolk, where we spent the festive season, I caught my mother off guard while joking with Dermot. It’s a natural capture of energy, engagement and a youthfulness defying that Mum is in her ninth decade.

Dermot happily posed for his shot, with a wry smile and looking particularly relaxed. This is perhaps the key to good portraits – not that I would really know!

The only part of the jigsaw missing from this set is my own photograph. Maybe that’s for the best…

Dermot, Christmas

20 thoughts on “Portraiture

  1. Can’t believe everyone is adding a decade to your poor (old?!) Mum – I would have guessed early/mid seventies.
    I too tend to avoid people at all costs – I had a go last year that turned out quite well (at least I think so!) (http://noelinesmith.wordpress.com/2012/07/11/rings-things/)
    I also got brave on holiday this year and asked a few people if I could take their photos. No great results but at least it’s getting easier to ask!


    • I’ve broken the news to my Mum of her new great age and she’s taking it in good part! Wow, I love your portraits. Also very impressed that you’ve asked to take people’s photographs – I’m far too timid to do that! Lovely to have your input as always, Noeline.


    • Oh dear, Mum won’t be happy! She’s in her ninth decade, so eighties. Still pretty good, though. I tend to prefer portraits taken without any knowledge on the rare occasions that I do them.


  2. What great portraits. I shy away from portraits because they’re so simple but so difficult to do well. I did some of my mom and aunt but the film got fogged by the x-ray machine to the point that they were not usable. Your mother looks so good (for any age). Beautiful skin!! She surely doesn’t show her age (which is just a number anyway).


    • Thank you very much. I’d have liked better light, but it’s about catching the moment expressed in a face, especially ones you’re fond of! My mother will be very pleased to read your comment :-) And of course a Happy New Year to both of you.


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