Norfolk interlude

Brancaster stripes

I lived in Norfolk for several years, and it was a pleasure to return there for a few days over Christmas. It’s a broad county in eastern England, sparsely populated in places and possesses some beautiful coastline and countryside.

We witnessed the madness of the Christmas Day dip in the seaside resort of Hunstanton, which involved people taking to the freezing waters dressed in costume.

The following day saw some brilliant weather and a visit to the broad beach of Brancaster. It was also very chilly, as the photo of Dermot shows. We also visited the charming little town of Burnham Market. A change of scenery and some fresh air was a great Christmas present.

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10 thoughts on “Norfolk interlude

  1. Not sure how my last comment will have come through, as I was trying to comment on your individual pictures. Anyhoo, great shots, the first one; all I can say is that they are completely bonkers getting into the sea at that time of year. Did you just watch and photograph them or did you take the plunge also ;-)


  2. Im considering going to Norfolk for a break this year, weather permitting!!! Would you recommend anywhere in particular? Id love to visit the marsh areas, windmills and landscapes! Great shots as ever!


    • Thank you, Diana. It’s a lovely area and really lends itself to the panorama format. Enjoy your visit to Snettisham – I’ll take a look at your post now and hope more images emerge from your next stay!


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