More joy of tower blocks

In May last year I wrote a post about loving much maligned high rise housing here in London. It’s still regularly looked at and turns up in Google searches.

So I finally got round to venturing out and capturing more tower blocks, starting with my local examples. There is a quartet of residential high rise which line one side of Shepherds Bush Green and are unmistakable landmarks in the area. They may have seen better days, but I’m used to them. Seeing them means that home isn’t far away.

This small set also features a trio of much taller blocks at Latimer Road, in the foreground of this sunrise shot from November 2011. The scaffolding has since gone, revealing spruced-up, pristine facades for the buildings.

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Jumbled facade

And a quick trip back to summer and Walworth, south London. This tower block facade appears jumbled, chaotic and far from pretty. But it is bristling with life – satellite dishes, open windows, washing and curtains. This is human life and it doesn’t have to look uniform and pretty.

There are hundreds of tower blocks dotted around this big city, and I’d like to visit many and capture them – that’s quite a project…

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