Mystery shot revealed

I published a photograph which isn’t obvious on first sight, and asked you to best describe what you think it is. You can see the mystery shot by clicking on this link. Thank you to the following people for having a punt.

Lucy Gutteridge, who runs UK photography website 41 – A Year in The Viewfinder, said: “It a tax disc holder shot from inside the car with snow on the window!”

Mark Moore from North Carolina, USA, via @pictureNC on Twitter, sounded a little unsure when he declared: “Um, melting ice/slush from a windshield?”

Noeline Smith said: “Lovely shot – but I’m stumped! Pretty sure it’s through glass… and I reckon you added that extra drop just to stop us reading the text properly :-)”

On Facebook, Kevin Young from London decided it was “a car bonnet and windscreen”, while Clare Wheeler in Manchester gave a very specific description of: “Looking through car window to starter/aircon controls… Through the bit of frost left after opening the window.”

Chris Kemp from Darlington veered away from the car theme, saying the photograph shows:  “Snow trapped in the grip on the heel of your boot.” JoAnne Gebski in the US and via Facebook stuck to the common thread and guessed it to be “frost on a car window”.

Writer Judi Lembke, who resides in the Swedish capital, provided the most poetic description: “Water splashing over some sort of metal, possibly a newly-minted horseshoe.” It’s not every day you get one of those.

Well, most of you were on the right lines but the detail foxed you. It’s a close up of the driver’s door on a black car. The part covered by snow conceals the silver handle. The round object towards the bottom is a reflection of the Leica lens on my camera.

This car is a bit scratched and dirty in places, though it was pretty new and smart-looking on first glance. You never know what the camera might show up…

See also: The mystery shot and Monochrome mystery which also has a link to the big reveal.

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