Wheel in silhouette

Wheel in silhouette

This is a major London landmark that I’ve failed to capture until now. The London Eye has been there little more than a decade, but brings tourists flocking to the South Bank of the Thames, keen to take a ride on this huge wheel and take in aerial views of the city.

It’s a rich and compelling object to photograph, and I’ll share further images of the Eye plus how London looks from its heights in the coming days.

16 thoughts on “Wheel in silhouette

  1. Wow cracking image there! I took one of York Wheel early on in my blog, January last year I think, I just love the perspective you can achieve with structures such as this…..I may have to revist my photos of York wheel!!!


    • Thanks Lucy! Well I couldn’t agree more. It’s hard not to take images when confronted with this structure. I’ll have to find your New York wheel pictures – I’ve also been on the Brisbane wheel which is quite diminutive in comparison!


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