Waterloo snapshot

Six images from London’s Waterloo, one of the city’s mainline train stations. It may lack the size and classy finish of St Pancras International, but it also has a fascinating industrial roof full of lines and light for the photographer to capture.

Besides the architecture, Waterloo is still very much a working train station, a hub of platforms, trains and human activity. People arriving and departing, not to mention just as many milling around the departure boards – and beneath the famous clock, which oversees meetings and the throng of everyday life.

Click on first image for the full gallery experience

6 thoughts on “Waterloo snapshot

  1. Although I’ve spent many hours in Waterloo for one train or another I still find a buzz of excitement about the place. Somehow, out of all that chaos, you seem to have distilled a sense of calm that I find really appealing.
    Of your photos, I particularly like the first – the reflections, texture and colour are wonderful.


    • Thank you very much, Noeline. Well, I was wandering around as a non-traveller so was detached in some ways. Waterloo is certainly a proper working station as you’ve experienced – it doesn’t have that spruced-up grandeur of St Pancras which may be a good thing. I like the first shot best too – I’m discovering the exposure compensation dial on my Fuji!


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