An eye on London

Eye on the city

The London Eye is a prominent landmark on the city skyline. But take a ride on the ferris wheel and you’ll be treated with various views of London and see so many famous buildings like The Shard and the Palace of Westminster. It’s a simple yet very effective and popular concept.

Before you board your capsule, take time on the ground to peer up at this beautiful circular structure, crisscrossed by lines and fringed with neat passenger pods.

Photography from the heights of the Eye comes with a few drawbacks – many people can fit into a capsule and they may well hinder your view or simply get in the way.

The thick glass of the pod often leads to unwanted reflections and distortion. And it was so dirty and watermarked that crystal clear shots were in some cases impossible. I decided to make them a feature of the photograph – I’ve become quite fond of them…

Click first image for the full gallery experience


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10 thoughts on “An eye on London

  1. Great shots even with the challenges. Thank you for sharing them. I hope to get there some day to see London and its attractions. -Max-


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