Second chance gallery

This happens to all photographers. You take some shots and they never see the light of day. For me, it’s usually because they don’t quite fit into the theme of a post or they’ve simply been overlooked.

Here is a selection of photographs from recent sessions in various locations which I’ve finally lavished with some care and attention. This is a post without a common thread, apart from giving some life to shots which didn’t quite fit at the time.

Click first image to launch the gallery

15 thoughts on “Second chance gallery

  1. Mike it is always a joy to look at your posts for the perspective and narratives, but as you mention we so often leave a lot on the cutting room floor so to speak. It is good to revisit these images in a different light, tone or colouration as often when we first take the images we can have such an overload that we cannot always appreciate what we actually have. By the way the XE-1 is producing terrific clarity in your images, but as always the photographer is the one with the eye and the camera is merely the tool.
    Hope you have a great week.


  2. How very true! I have so many photos that I have taken whilst writing my blog that will never see the light of day! But they are part of the journey, the journey that took me to a place, and became my blog, so for every photo that I have posted to my blog it is supported by hundreds more back home in hard drive back up city!


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