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A snapshot of sunshine, colour and the first day of Spring in London. A crateload of daffodils are lined up to go on display. And it was that first day to warm the soul after a long, chilly and dank winter, with sun and temperatures as high as 17C.

But of course it didn’t last. We were robbed of the sunlight today. If it’s the last we ever see, then further photographs – coming here soon – will be all the more memorable.

12 thoughts on “Narcissus

  1. Pretty Mike. Lovely use of DOF. I’m sure that lovely color brings thoughts of Spring, sunshine, warmth etc. BTW are you getting all your comments now? I did get one piece of information from one of our followers in Sweden who stated that our post yesterday did not show in her reader. I checked it on both our computers, my tablet and both our I-phones (darned aren’t we the techie family?) and it showed up in all of those. Have a great evening.



    • Thanks very much, Joey. Apart from enjoying the first signs of sunshine, this was also an exercise in spot focusing and depth which I’m very fond of. Yes, comments etc are back to normal. Actually this post attracted some new likers which I’m always pleased to see. Greetings from over here.


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