30 photographers

This is a fruitful exercise in collaboration. Thirty photographers, who belong to the Photography Institute’s London Facebook group, each created an image on a single theme – abstract. This was the brainchild of Darren Sharp, who skilfully pieced together this wonderful montage.

We were all struck by the diversity of images, and how each individual responded to the challenge in such different ways. It combines the best of individual expression and joint effort.

Abstract montage

My contribution comes from a simple object in a west London park. At close quarters, its dimpled, textured surface is hard to define and has its own synthesis – the essence of abstract. It’s little more than a lowly stone bench, dappled by the sunlight and then treated with a light sepia tint to bring out the contrasts.

This is the original cut of my photograph – which stands alongside so many impressive pieces of work.

Spring abstract

14 thoughts on “30 photographers

  1. A great collaboration under the theme of abstract. How diverse the images are and each shows the individuality of the photographer and yet I feel these images form a cohesive whole through the textures and light . Have a great weekend Mike !


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