Park moments

Ivy carpet

It’s a sun-kissed, warm Spring afternoon in Holland Park, west London. I’m ambling about to get some fresh air and armed with my camera.

This is nothing more than a brief snapshot of that walk in the park. I spotted many other people enjoying the end of a long, cold winter. A lush carpet of ivy. The budding trees and a pile of wood. Even a simple wooden fence looked radiant in the fine weather.

I tried a mixture of high key shots and some with the exposure compensation dialled far back for a contrast of mood. When the light is abundant, there is so much you can do.

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10 thoughts on “Park moments

  1. I really like the one labeled Beneath Spring, because of the unusual pale colors and light…the leaves on the trees look almost golden….and I like the for the black and white ones, I just can’t associate them with warm Spring afternoon…just can’t!….


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