Rear view

Roof, tree, sky

An intriguing, dramatic sky captured from a back window of my London home. The sun is straining to break through a tempestuous, cloud-strewn sky.

But this is more about a rear view which I will soon leave for good. The tree and corrugated iron roof are part of the landscape, as is the train line which runs perilously close to the house. Passengers regularly peer back at me as part of their regular commute.

And  to complete a trio of photographs below is the most spectacular sunset I had the pleasure of seeing from my window – wintry, fiery and tremendous. This window has provided some beautiful moments among the urban drabness.

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15 thoughts on “Rear view

      • Hopefully it will be a change for the better. I think the weather all over has been kind of strange. In Florida we’ve had no real winter at all. Europe and UK have had really severe winters this year. Maybe it’s just a cycle we’re going through but I sure do hope you get some sunshine.



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