Men in the mirror

This is a simple exercise in the power of reflection. By a large window in London’s Golden Lane on a long city walk, I take a photograph of Dermot and I.

Dermot’s frame is elongated by the break in the window, and his face looks very different to usual.  When I first saw it, I thought he looked more like me. My favourite part of the entire shot is how one of his legs appears to have absorbed an illuminated light bulb from the empty office space on the floor below.

And of course I don’t escape capture. I’m there towards the back of the photograph, but the presence of the camera isn’t entirely clear.

With a high contrast monochrome treatment, there is something ethereal and ghostly about this picture. Turning the camera on the window hides the fact that this was a very sunny day with a carefree mood. It’s an act to be recommended.

Men in the mirror

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