Night lights

Speeding train

A train line which runs behind your house has its advantages, although it’s taken me eight years to exploit this. It’s after dark and pleasant enough to set up the camera and tripod by an open window.

The Hammersmith and City line trains are less frequent at night and tend to thunder straight past. So these are bright, fast-moving objects under low light conditions. It was very hard to catch them.

But what I did capture were numerous colourful, thick streaks of light zipping past the sky, which I discovered can be made into beautifully neat abstract frames.

I managed to see into the carriage of one train and also turned my lens on the trees when the trains were absent, finding a beautiful ink blue sky. A good and unexpected evening’s work.

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27 thoughts on “Night lights

  1. These are very nice Mike. What a great use for a train in the backyard! I like how you have cropped them too – train-shaped crops work really well here.


  2. OMG! Sorry I have to say this again…omg! Brilliant! Interesting perspectives, great colour and a cohesive collection of images that make you look and look again to enjoy them as a whole and secondly as great images in their own right.


  3. I like this kind of image. It’s abstract to me, as I said on Facebook. Not all of them of course, but I like colors and lines delimiting the space without lead us to something real, as a representation of the world.


    • Thank you Katrien, I really appreciate your thoughts. I wasn’t sure what to expect from an evening in my dark bathroom by the train line, but am pleased with what emerged.


  4. They’re lovely. Glad you found the up side to living by a train line! I love the first and third ones, of the trains disappearing. Great work!


    • Thanks very much for popping by, Stevie. Yes, I don’t know what took me so long. The abstracts were a bit of a revelation. Looking forward to keeping up with your work and enjoy the long weekend.


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