One last glance


Moving home is a time-consuming, stressful and unsettling experience. But it brings the excitement and promise of a new place to live.

I’ve just resettled after eight years in the same west London flat. I had to go through the final ritual of handing over the keys and signing it over for good. Letting myself in early, I took some shots and wallowed in the sadness that an empty – and recently vacated – property always has.

There was occasional sunlight thrown on the now bare walls. The main shot focuses on the place I sat to edit photos and write posts. The others include the only two interior shots I have from my life there – a memorable old bathroom window that diffused and projected light.

But that was then. The new pastures are being happily settled while the photography continues.

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20 thoughts on “One last glance

  1. Really well captured Mike in that these images capture the visual essence of your emotions and words. I wish all the best in your new pad and that the view “is over the roof tops”. Have a great weekend !


    • Thanks so much :-) Yes, it’s really getting there already. It might spark new photographic ideas! And on another note congratulations to the Netherlands for making the Eurovision final – very well deserved.


      • Thank you for the compliments to the Dutch song. We’re very glad we made it to the finals, after 9 years… ;-)

        I’m looking forward to the photos of your new home and the environment of your place!


  2. I love these pictures Mike and I know totally that feeling you describe: “the sadness that an empty – and recently vacated – property always has.” When I walked around the empty house we lived when both my kids were born; just before handing over the keys was a very sad feeling.
    You have definitely captured the mood and feeling perfectly with these photos. They’re excellent!


    • Thanks Peter, this is much appreciated. It felt like the closing of a chapter since another one has opened, which is far more exciting. It really is hard to resist an empty room or building, especially if you have a connection with it.


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