Canarian sunset

Canarian sunsetWhen you’re in another part of the world, chasing the sunset is an essential activity – and that’s an even more enjoyable sport if you have a camera to hand.

On the sun-blessed island of Fuerteventura, one of Spain’s Atlantic territories off the North African coast, the sunset is well worth catching. If you have a bell tower to see it from, all the better – more on that soon.

Some would call this pure, unadulterated sky porn. But I think it’s one of the most captivating moments you can be lucky enough to photograph.

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15 thoughts on “Canarian sunset

  1. I’m lucky that life washed me up on Canarian shores…..I’m really a sunrise kind of gal, but, yeah, the sunsets are something else too! I never get tired of photographing them! You need to come back to the Canary Islands to Tenerife!! You need to photograph the sunset from the western mountain sides, above the Mar de Nubes (which is a ring of cloud which often encircles the lower slopes). The effect is breathtaking. The other is to climb Mount Teide overnight (you stop in a refuge on the way) to watch the sunrise from the peak, when the shadow of the mountain is cast over the Atlantic. Tempted? :)


    • Well Linda, of course I am! Fuerteventura was my first visit to the islands and they’re very rich. I must admit La Gomera is really enticing though Tenerife has more to offer and would keep my camera very busy, no doubt. Let me check my diary!


  2. Excellent photo Mike!! Love travelling to Fuerteventura great place to relax…Was this photo taken after a storm? The classical “Kalima” storm from Africa? Those colours are simply amazing, thanks for sharing!


    • Thanks for coming by, Luke, much appreciated. There wasn’t a hint of a storm over the island. Some cloud cover at sunset usually produces the best results. Glad you enjoyed Fuerteventura – I was pleasantly surprised.


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