El campanario

Fuerteventura bellOn the outskirts of the Canarian town of Corralejo, there is a modern complex which houses a cluster of shops and restaurants. It’s been built in traditional style, and has at its heart a bell tower – campanario in Spanish.

Not only does it chime every hour, but provides a wonderful viewpoint over the entire seaside resort and beyond. It’s easy to see Corralejo’s twin wind turbines (Fuerteventura can be very blustery), the harbour and across the sea to Lanzarote and the nearby islet of Lobos.

I clambered up several flights of stairs on a couple of occasions, the more memorable being for the end of the day and a dramatic sunset.  The viewing platform was always empty. A very handy resource for a photographer looking for some elevation.

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14 thoughts on “El campanario

  1. The image of Lanzarote at dusk is superb Mike and I have to say the arch framing in the last image has made this also a favourite of mine. I hope you have a great week and that the sun does finally last longer than a week . Best regards, James


    • Good to hear from you, James. I hope all is going well with your transition. Thank you for the comments as always. I must admit I’m fond of the Lanzarote shot which is rather subtle compared to some of the other fiery sunset shots. No prospect of such a view in west London tonight!


      • The last line of the paragraph made me smile. Thanks for asking about the update on the site, currently working through the info about print purchases, paypal links all the boring back-end stuff . I so want to be out with the camera.


          • ……I am tearing my hair out with repetitiveness of it all ,as basically I am starting from scratch. Just had 10 hrs again today and I seem to take 2 step forwards and then 3 back. At least I am 90% completed just need to ensure link backs etc work and finally adding the images/products. Hope you have a great weekend Mike!


            • It sounds like a real labour of love and cause for sleepless nights, James. But the best things take blood, sweat and tears. Enjoy the weekend and take one of those camera breaks if you get the chance!


              • Thanks very much Mike for your supportive comment and I managed to get out into the sunshine and the embracing sea air yesterday for a great walk and oh …the camera kit was in tow as well. I hope you have a enjoyable Sunday! regards, James


                • Very glad to hear it, James! I bet it blew away the cobwebs. I need to get out and about too but don’t plan on going far – my new neighbourhood is crying out for some attention.


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