Gone fishin’

My trip to the Spanish island of Fuerteventura involved some people watching. The other tourists – particularly fellow British ones – are always a source of fascination and bemusement.

But on the shores of the colourful town of Corralejo, it was another species that warranted photographic attention. Fishing is a popular pastime, and cuts across nationalities and age here.

During one lunch in the sun, I observed a young Spanish man on the shoreline, his blue shirt melding with the azure waters as he deftly hauled in a catch, barefoot and without fear of the rocks. And of course he was totally unaware that he was being photographed as he went about his task.

Another scene from the jetty sees British visitors milling about as two people are fishing. By chance I captured a young woman absorbed in the act of taking a photo – just like I was.

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This marks the last of my posts from the island. An extensive gallery will follow soon, including several shots which have not yet been featured.

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