The walled garden

This little gem is literally around the corner from my new home. I’ve been there many times over the years, but it’s now part of the neighbourhood.

At the moment, the walled garden in Ravenscourt Park is bristling with blooms and is a real oasis of natural calm. Visitors amble through the gates for a tranquil few moments, while young couples steal some time to themselves on the sheltered benches that line the old walls.

Such a small space can produce an unexpected array of shots. You have to be very discreet to attempt any candid shots, and I largely failed in that pursuit on this warm, sun-kissed evening.

Summer was alive and well, and a far cry from some of the photos I captured here in the grip of the icy winter.

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23 thoughts on “The walled garden

  1. These are wonderful images Mike and I have to agree with Lucy about the tinted poppies. In fact this would make a great book cover. I do so miss a great park to wander around as I used to enjoy Holland park and its walled gardens.. Have you been to the Chelsea physic gardens? well worth a visit. Have a great weekend!


    • Thank you very much, Noeline. I’m quite a spot-focusing obsessive, so it’s always a bonus to find shots that benefit from it. And I walk to the garden in literally a minute now!


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