Human traffic

Human trafficA few captured moments of another busy day at London’s Victoria railway station – the capital’s gateway to the south of England. This concourse is always buzzing with human activity, all heading in different directions.

You must be prepared to dodge other travellers and be nudged off course as you walk to your destination.

These three separate photographs are interesting to study in more detail. It’s obvious that some people are already squinting at the departures board. In two of the frames, only one person who stands quite still – a woman collecting for charity. It seems unlikely that any of the travellers will stop for her…

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Human traffic IHuman traffic IIHuman traffic III

16 thoughts on “Human traffic

  1. Great shots – they also work surprisingly well as a triptych. I don’t normally go for heavy manipulation but it would be interesting to see what this looks like with really high contrast or some weird filter effect to lose the personal identity and make it quite abstract ….


    • Thank you Noeline. I thought melding the frames together would increase the sense of human activity. An abstract process sounds interesting! I avoid them too, though have been tempted to try some out.


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