West London hub

Earl's CourtIf you live here in west London, it’s practically guaranteed that you are familiar with Earl’s Court rail station.

It’s a District line hub which reaches far west into leafier areas including Richmond and Wimbledon – and is just a handful of stops away from my neighbourhood of Hammersmith.

Earl’s Court is also a stop en route to the centre of London and far beyond in an easterly direction, while the Piccadilly line rumbles deep below the surface.

Several busy platforms and tracks head to different places, all housed under a sturdy, handsome Victorian roof.

This station is a quirky beast and at times confusing with various departures and arrivals. It retains some quaint illuminated signs indicating which service is about to arrive – but this can guide you to the wrong train.

But Earl’s Court couldn’t be any other way. It’s a piece of the landscape.

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17 thoughts on “West London hub

      • You are very welcome Mike and I have to agree with you it looks like a fantastic weekend weather wise. Hoping to go for a swim….but knowing me the camera will win or I can just simply do both. I hope you have a great weekend and that you take advantage of the sunshine.


        • I’m planning to combine sunshine and photography too – not quite sure where that will lead yet. Oh, and of course some weekend publishing which inevitably means some time in front of a screen.


  1. Earl’s Court is a fantastic station. Full of history with its great architecture, but still it couldn’t quite stop modern technology from invading. Wonderful series! Richard mention this post is very well deserved :)


    • Thanks Andreas, I appreciate you stopping by. True, there are even more modern train indicators on the platforms, but everyone still looks at the unfathomable arrows! Richard is very good at making these connections happen :-)


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  3. Great photos, I love Earl’s Court Station, it being the station I was staying closest to, and thus used multiple times a day when I was in London. And what about the ‘TARDIS’ out the front! :)


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