Victoria afternoon

DepartingVictoria station is an important hub in London’s complicated knot of a transport system. You come here if you want to travel to the south of England, including the seaside resort of Brighton and Gatwick, the city’s second international airport.

I spent some time here on a weekend afternoon, travelling nowhere but simply watching other people travel and taking in the imposing Victorian shell of this railway station.

There were moments to capture the human hustle and bustle of this place and take a spot next to Platform Four, discovering mirror images and the ebb and flow of the ubiquitous ticket barrier. And another page in the London Album.

Click first image for full gallery experience

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18 thoughts on “Victoria afternoon

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  4. Nice contrasts in this set of images. I like Human Traffic especially for some reason! I have photographed other stations and done drawings but never of Victoria.


  5. I must be there somewhere! I work in Victoria and use Victoria Station everyday. Victoria Station is my idea of hell but somehow Mike, you manage to make it look glamourous, which is quite an achievement!


    • Thank you Stephen! Well it’s certainly easier to be a bystander and not get involved with the human maelstrom there. It made me notice the war memorial for Southern Railway employees for the first time.


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