Shard traffic

The viewing platform of The Shard, which towers over London, is a place of both movement and stillness.

People mill around to see the city from all vantage points, but often remain in one place for a long period of time, drinking it all in. But the stairway up to the 72nd floor is particularly busy with viewers making their way to the top with great anticipation.

This composite shot is just a few moments in the Shard’s life. It captures eight people enjoying their experience, and one photographer caught in the glass. At least this beats the “selfie” recently taken in the reflection of a washing machine…

You can click on each frame to enlarge and enjoy a more detailed view

Shard traffic IShard traffic IIIShard traffic II

16 thoughts on “Shard traffic

  1. I like the top version best as it seems more cohesive to me. Particularly the way the guy’s shoulders/arms ‘fit’ so well into the woman’s head.and the chap behind you whose stance means that he hasn’t ‘melded’ into you. Great shot!


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