The creative collection

Sometimes one photograph – a single shot – just isn’t enough. Another layer of creation is needed to bring your work to life or make a point.

This leads to the diptychs, triptychs and composites coming to life. They encapsulate the autumnal calm of Constable country, the afternoon tea cake stand or the bustle of London’s Victoria station.

But a single frame can be enough, if the results are blazing with colour and artful, like low night shots capturing the movement of a train. Here are a few happy surprises and labours of love.

Click first image for the full gallery experience

20 thoughts on “The creative collection

  1. Absolutely brilliant images Mike and the post made for an enjoyable read as well. You really make the every day objects or places really come to life making us the viewer re-evaluate the way we look at things around us. Great job! Have a great wekend!


  2. Your versatility is completely realized with your ability…what a banquet for the rest of us…I am feasting, feasting…


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