Wild Wimbledon

London SW19 is a world-famous postcode, the home of Wimbledon’s All England Tennis Club. The suburb is on the periphery of the capital, a comfortable, affluent and well-heeled place.

The grass courts are not the only green spaces here. It’s also home to an expanse of heathland called Wimbledon Common, a beautiful place for a walk where it’s easy to forget you’re still technically in the city. We encountered toadstools, butterflies and wild summer flowers on our visit there.

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Close to the common is a more manicured oasis to walk and savour the sunshine. Cannizaro Park has a former country house at its heart, rolling lawns, a pond and a showpiece fountain.

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As for the All England Tennis Club, yes, we made it through those hallowed gates. The story of a first real-life glimpse of that renowned place will be told here tomorrow.

14 thoughts on “Wild Wimbledon

    • Thank you Claire, yes, I was humming the theme tune as I walked around. Aaaah, reminds me of the warm sunshine and our great summer. Very nostalgic. By the way, your recent visits haven’t gone unnoticed and are very much appreciated.


      • Glad I’m not the only one ;-) Summer will be here again, but winter also has great photo opportunities. I’ve been playing catch-up so have been quite busy, I enjoy your blog great views of the big smoke, which I haven’t visited for such a long time. Me thinks a trip in 2014 is on the cards :-)


  1. The eye is in the detail and you have again produced a cracking set of images Mike. I really like the toning in the toadstool cluster and the composition in the Fountain image. Hope you have a great week and the weekend is even better


    • Thank you Diana. They had to be put into different galleries, of course! It’s very nice on the common – London is a distant prospect apart from aeroplanes overhead. They say there’s a glut of butterflies this year…


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