Georgian splendour

To be honest, King Street in Hammersmith is not the prettiest shopping thoroughfare in London. It’s blighted with some drab architecture and feels a little down at heel.

But venture beyond the shops and towards neighbouring Chiswick, and just off to the left you’ll find a real gem of a place.

St Peter’s Square was first laid out in the 1820s, and to this day retains its Georgian charm. Large, handsome white houses are set around a central garden, lush and well established. These buildings are proud, with symmetrical windows, ornate ironwork and bold flourishes of plasterwork. The square also has an imposing church with a distinctive blue clock face and entrance columns.

But modern London has caught up a little with the square – a very busy traffic route runs along one edge now, perilously close to the church. Both this building and the gardens were both locked and inaccessible. That wouldn’t have been so in the much more tranquil 1800s.

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