Open for business

September 1st seems a fitting day for a new venture. A new month marks a fresh start and a clean launchpad.

I’ve finally opened up an online store for my photography, using artist community website Redbubble as my platform. This enables me to display my goods and offer it in numerous formats, from greetings cards and framed prints to canvases. Customers can choose their favourite image and format, add it to their basket and have it delivered to their door. A more simple, direct approach than my old half-hearted, somewhat muddled idea.

This is not a new concept, but it’s a departure for me. My life as a photographer has developed a new strand. I would like to see my work appear on other people’s walls and be proudly displayed. But I’m aware it won’t be easy in an age when anyone can do it.

I have a virtual shop space that I’ve been carefully filling in time for today’s launch. Picking over thousands of images was no mean feat, and made me look at what I’ve done in a different light. Some photographs truly lend themselves to becoming a poster or adorning an empty wall space – they have selling power. I didn’t want to cram my portfolio – it can be carefully and gradually adorned as time progresses. Less is more, as they say.

I know that some of you, my regular contributors and friends here, are already selling your work. I’d love to hear about your experiences of going from hobbyist to dipping a toe in the commercial sphere.

Click on this image panel to visit my Photo Shop. It represents a sample of my wares

Photo panel

31 thoughts on “Open for business

  1. It is pretty tough business, Mike. However you have great portfolio, your pictures are really good, and I hope you are going to be successful. At least I wish you that.


  2. Will you still be talking to me, when your rich and famous? ;-) Good luck with your online photoshop! It’s a great store (people, go buy some photos!!)


  3. I am thinking about offering my images as prints as well. What is your suggestion, keep the prints on the platform where you share your art (for me or submit certain, special images to a Print Shop (what do you think of redbubble, I never heard of that one before?) ?

    Would be neat if you could give me a few pointers ;) Even more so because you just got started with that as well.


    • Hi Michael, good to hear from you. Well I chose Redbubble because you can upload your portfolio and they will manufacture and handle any online sales – it’s a one stop shop and ‘customers’ can handle it themselves. And if I wanted a photo of mine to be framed, I’d be happy to use RB myself.

      Also, I started from scratch so you really have to evaluate what’s special and what might be appealing.

      In any case, this is a better arrangement than I had before!

      Let me know if you have any more thoughts… I’ll try to help.


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