Brick boutique

London is made of brick. And my corner of the city, Hammersmith, wouldn’t exist without it. It doesn’t take a lot of observational skills to notice that there are a myriad of types of this most robust of building materials, comprising different ages, colours and finishes.

I spent a couple of days collecting some samples – well, photographing them. You notice how wildly different they all are only when they’re placed side by side.

Each panel can be clicked to reveal more detail. And they each have names of the sort you find in a paint catalogue or a set of carpet swatches. Which would you choose? Any of Hammersmith’s finest?…

Speckled honeySmudged smogRustic brushBilberry bombeContemporary ochreCrushed biscuitLava streamCrazed porcelainDeep set rainbowLavender dappleNaturally weatheredPlastered iceRusset stripeSpearmint gelatoRural overhangTriple dark chocolateStrawberry thick shakeTextured flintUrban farmhouseWhitewash splashPatterned snow



9 thoughts on “Brick boutique

  1. This is really great Mike. I love how they are all so different when seen together. Texture is always one of my favorite things and you really manage to bring this out in the collection! Beautiful as always.


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