Blackfriars stairs

Blackfriars stairwell

I was about to take the staircase to the District and Circle line Underground platform at Blackfriars station, in the heart of the City of London.

It was empty. This is a rare pleasure, creating space to take some shots. The stairs and the handrail on the descent are full of lines, shapes, curves, angles and symmetry. Some everyday magic that is a feast for the camera.

I edited the colour shot to emphasise its vibrancy. The stairs and walls were given a soft focus to draw the eye to the ordinary – yet ornate – handrails.

The goalposts shift in this other shot, as it captures two people at the bottom of the stairs. Its editing is a deep, moody monochrome. A case of the camera telling two stories from the same spot.

Which one gets your seal of approval?…

Blackfriars descent

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19 thoughts on “Blackfriars stairs

  1. Colored one for me. It’s about the handrail and the rhythm of its construction; fine colours; and the rest of the staircase is a silent, non-distracting background. The B&W is about the staircase; but it’s too tight for me. The handrail is cut off a little, but still quite dominant in the centre; and the two people are almost with their heads against the edge of the frame. Cheers!


  2. Ooh… Toughie! I like the first one because of the vibrancy of the colours, but the second one works really well too, the people giving it a sense of perspective… Hmmm… Let me come back to you on that one! :)


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