Commuters’ canopy

Even if you’re hurrying to catch your train, you can’t fail to notice this sight. A pristine latticed roof and ceiling, a contemporary take on the Victorian canopies that shelter London’s main railway stations.

This is King’s Cross, a place that until recently was shabby, seedy and dodgy after dark. The train station now has a modern, sleek concourse, while the location is being transformed almost beyond recognition.

As for the roof space, it’s even subtly bathed in a lilting pattern of coloured light. I’m glad I came to look and wasn’t rushing to a platform…

Commuters' canopy

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14 thoughts on “Commuters’ canopy

    • Thank you James! Well, I got a little carried away and captured many images as the colours progressed. In other news, you’ll be impressed that this Londoner made it to the coast yesterday and was flirting with the stormy seas!


      • Oh Crikey ! I am so sorry not to have replied sooner Mike, but it is great news as the” Londoner” has gone storm chasing. I hope that you did not get too wet and i certainly look forward to the resulting posts. Have a great weekend whatever you have planned.


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